Tomer Zirkilevich is an Israeli Choreographer, director, performer and teacher, based in Berlin.

Graduate of The School of Dance Arts of Kibbutzim College, Tel-Aviv; Studied theatre, dance and composition at Studio Play and at the preparatory course at the Nisan Native Drama Studio. Choreographer of the Pieces: SODOM, Psyche and Amor; My David; Sachliche Romanze; Infidelity: A love story; Auf Wiedersehn; Like Father Likes Son (part 2), LOVERS1; Tigers and more; Received a study scholarship from the Caesarea Fund for outstanding dance-theatre students. Was awarded the Oded Kotler
Prize for young artists in Ashdod. His works have been shown in different festivals and venues around Europe. His video dance won several prizes in festivals around the world.

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