SpeeDance - The fastest choreography project 
Produced by Tomer Zirkilevich Company


PREMIERE 10.31.2020 - 11.01.2020, DOCK11, Berlin DE

After all the challenges of 2020, we long for togetherness, for meeting our dance colleagues and the physical exchange of our work with the public.

On your marks, get set, go!

SpeeDance is an energetic event based on the concept of 48-hour theater and cinema festivals. In the early morning, the artists are randomly divided into groups. Each of them will create their new short piece, rehearse and then perform it in front of an audience in DOCK 11 that same evening.

SpeeDance is a popup meeting space organized by the Tomer Zirkilevich Company in collaboration with DOCK 11. It's an intense art project where we reconnect, create, and perform. This playful event brings together a diverse mix of dancers and choreographers to celebrate their love and respect for art and its importance in our world.

To protect visitors and employees, we have taken comprehensive
hygiene and protective measures in accordance with the applicable standards of the State of Berlin for the performances.

Producers and Curators: Tomer Zirkilevich, Edegar Starke
Photographer: Fritz Tsai
Muisc advisor and PR content: Juan Enrique Villarreal
Light designer: Asier Solana  

Choreographers:  Christine Bonansea Saulut, Alex Carrillo, Chris Jäger, Anna-Lise Marie, Victoria McConnel, Tomi Paasonen, Roni Rotem

Dancers:  Fernando Balsera Pita, Adaya Berkovich, Evgenia Chetvertkova, Gabbriell Cürebal, Ronja Häring, Michelle Felix Escalante, Ziv Frenkel, Alice Gaspari, Simone Gisela Webe, Amr Karkout, Lou Niegardowski, Jannis Polyzos, Anna Rose, Búi Rouch, Andrew Wass, Tamae Yoneda

Assistant choreographers*: Ida Cedercreutz, Clara Dünnebeil, Sophie Geisler, Pauline Hertling, Giulia Lampugnani, Laura Metz, Denis Thuillé-Sommer 
*Freshly graduates and third year students from Tanzakademie balance 1

Photo: by Marcelina Wellmer,  from SODOM 2019

With the support of DOCK11 theater

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