SWAN / An interdisciplinary physical theater piece 

PREMIERE 20.01.2022 at DOCK11, Berlin, DE

PERFORMANCE DATES: 21-23.01.2022, 28-30.01.2022 at DOCK11, Berlin, DE

                                             01-03.04.2022  at LOFFT - DAS THEATER , Leipig, DE

Every legend begins with an event that may or may not have happened...

On stage, the character spreads his feathers, lets the body speak and the thoughts flow. A journey into the soul begins. A recollection of memories, dreams, and echoes of stories once heard. In a roller coaster ride of colors, feelings and moods, the audience experiences the ups and downs of life. A fantastic solo piece about identity and self-realization. Bringing together dance, theater and film, this mythical coming-of-age narrative evolves through the struggles of pursuing one’s dreams. Nothing is ever done, everything is always transforming, an unending process of becoming and being whole.

Funded by the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen and by the City of Leipzig, Cultural Office.

In co-production with  
LOFFT – DAS THEATER, Leipzig and DOCK11 Berlin


Artistic director, Choreographer & Script: 

Tomer Zirkilevich

Co-creator & Dancer: Lou Thabart

Video artist & Sound design:

Juan Enrique Villarreal

Animator: Inbal Ruso Zirkilevich

Media artist: Stephania Castan

Stage & Costume design: Anna Mirkin

Light Designer: Asier Solana
ScreenStage Concept: Sharon Reshef Armony

Dramaturgy advisor: Christina Lowe

Voice over actors:  Paola Pilnik, Gabriel Lawton
Director assistant & Production manager: Edegar Starke

Production acountant: Natascha Tertre
Production assistant: 
Evelin Uus

Teasers: Juan  Enrique Villarreal

Photos: Ida Zenna ©zenna.de  

Special thanks: Riccieri Genaro, Rain Rose and the BSC, Yana Bukler, Jorge Armando, Amr Karkout, Rain Rose, Tanz im Austausch, Tanzwerk Leipzig, Nevo Moshkovits

Supported by Hier=Jetzt 2021 Munich, Paul Studios Berlin, Andreas Vent-Schmidt (Tanzwerk Leipzig), Leipziger Ballett.

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