Psyche & Amor / 
A dance theater piece in collaboration with the 3rd year at the Otto Falkenberg Schule, Munich


PREMIERE 09.21.2018, Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich DE

The piece develop together with the student in a devised theatre methods were each one of the students was part of the artistic creation as well.

The piece is a cabaret showing the myth in a modern perspective way, commentare by the characters themselves. Every character is played by two performers, female and male and each gives his own opinion about the story, about love and about the many different aspects and interpretation the myth deals with.

Conecpet and Director Tomer Zirkilevich Choreographic Assistant Ronja Haering

Actors from the third year of the Otto-Falkenberg-School Joscha Baltha | Marie Bloc Hing | Shirin Lilly Eissa | Anouk Elias | Konstantin Gries | John Jaster | Lion Leuker | Jochanah Mahnke | Nick Romeo Reiman | Pauline Werner | Julia Windischbauer

Thanks to Johanna Richter

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