Like Father Likes Son (part 2) / A Theather Dance Piece by Thomer Zirkilevich


PREMIERE 24.03.2016 at DOCK11, Berlin DE

PERFORMANCE DATE 25-27.03.2016 at DOCK11, Berlin DE

                                          01.07.2016 at the  International Dance Festival, Katowice, Poland

                                          16.07.2016 at the PopUp festival, Fabrik Potsdam

                                          18.11.2016 at Zawirowania dance competition, Warsaw, Poland

"every one of us is the son of a father..." (Nissim Aloni)

The work deals with the confrontation between fathers and sons.
It is concerned with a son’s search for identity and his inevitable clash with his father’s authority, as in the archetypal, mythical examples from the sacrifice of Isaac to the Oedipus complex. It poses the questions – does one have to murder his father in order to realize his own destiny? Will he always be the victim of his own folly?

Like Father Likes Son (part 2) / A Theather Dance Piece by Thomer Zirkilevich

Idea, Choreography Tomer Zirkilevich
Dancers Austin Fagan, Karsten Peterman & Tomer Zirkilevich
Music Rona Ginat
Dramatic advisor Sveta Azriel
Choreography Advisor Sharon Reshef Armony

Thanks to Yiftach Mizrahi, Omer Shemer, Dana Rubashov Venger, Taiyo Shirai (music), Thomas Suzémont, Dock1, Fabian Bleisch (light)

Grafic design (Poster and flyer) Kerstin Porges
Photos and Trailer Cristiana Schniebel

With the support of the Israeli embassy in Germany

“Tomer Zirkilevich proved to be an excellent young artist, choreographer and dancer, combining the intelligence and depth of a real researcher with the imagination and artistic discipline which made his project ‘Like Father Likes Son’ an original, unique and touching experience.”

Gaby Aldor artistic director of the Arab-Hebrew Theater in Jaffa, Choreographer and dance critic

“15 minutes was enough to convince the audience to alternative scene with unusual skill of the Tomer Zirkilevich Group from Israel. During those few moments on stage amazing things happening which passed exceptionally and original story about the father's relationship with his son.”

Barbara Brzoska (Dziennik Teatralny), from the Conference in Bytom, Poland

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