LOVERS 1 - A Distillation of “Love” / By Schlomo Lieberman & Tomer Zirkilevich


PREMIERE 01.06.2016 at Expat Expo Festival, English Theatre, Berlin DE

Two male performers on an empty stage, blindfolded. Each one of them has a different mission: one has to carry the other and the other has to be carried. They repeat this procedure over and over as a ritual they cannot avoid until it is exhausted. The connection between them shifts between a range of aspects: romantic, sexual, aggressive, brotherly and existential. A television set on the floor projects fragments from a day’s journey through the city.

Surtitles are screened during the entire performance above the stage: quotes from the couple´s conversations about love, relationships and theatre, timecodes and possible thoughts of the audience. Each one of these elements: movement, text and video is independent and has its own course. The viewers get the role to combine these sources together and to discover how text, video and live performance connect to become a story of love in disturbed times.

“Love is like a toy If you play too much with it, you’ll break it. But if you don’t play with this toy why should you have it?”  (Surtitle, at 5:43 min)

Performance Shlomo Lieberman & Tomer Zirkilevich
Music Özgür Erkök Moroder

Lighting Christian Maith

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