Infidelity: A Love Story / A Theather Dance Piece by Thomer Zirkilevich


PREMIERE 09.02.2017 at DOCK11, Berlin DE

PERFORMANCE DATES 10-12.02.2017 at DOCK11, Berlin DE

                                            29.26.2018 at Lothringair festival, Achen DE

                                            11-14.10.2018 at DOCK11, Berlin DE                                             

You can’t argue love. Known for its inspiring effect on literature, pop music and even crime, love is socially established as a higher power. In the name of love breaking the rules of society seems acceptable. But can we handle this fragile and mysterious force?

The dance theatre piece “Infidelity: A love story” started with the task of defining real love but the actions on the journey evolved into a radical self exploration.

We invite traitors to enjoy our little secret that will be kept and hidden; Invite betrayed ones to cry and celebrate with us the remains of dignity, in order to find comfort and re-create desire; Invite lovers to play with their loneliness and the impossible choice.

Infidelity: A Love Story / A Theather Dance Piece by Thomer Zirkilevich

Concept and Choreography
Tomer Zirkilevich
Dancers Austin Fagan,Ronja Häring, Michal Hirsch, Alejandro Notas Rodolfo Piazza Pfitscher da Silva, Yuri Shimaoka,Laura Signoriello
Music and Assistant director Rona Ginat
Costume design Ran Chai Bar Zvi
Dramaturgy Sveta Azriel
Choreography Advisor Sharon Reshef Armony
Light design Asier Solana
Production manager Natascha Mattmueller
Video und Photos Nicolas Notas Rodriguez- Melgarejo, Vittorio Bonanni, Nick Grossmann, Dieter Hartwig
Graphic design Kerstin Porges
Trailer Juan Enrique Villarreal

Thanks to Ziv Frenkel, Katja Karouaschan and DOCK11

Supported by Mr. Shaul Shani

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