Auf Wiedersehen / A Theather Dance Piece by Thomer Zirkilevich


PREMIERE 03.07.2013 at the 20th Annual International Contemporary Dance Conference and Performance Festival. Bytom, Poland 2013.
PERFORMANCE DATE 10.11.2013 at Tmu-na, Tel Aviv, Israel
                                          08.12.2013 at Tmu-na, Tel Aviv, Israel
                                          16.05.2014 at Tmu-na, Tel Aviv, Israel
                                           30-31.08.2014 at Dock11, Berlin, Germany
                                           13-16.08.2015 at Dock11, Berlin, Germany
                                          22.11.2021 ISRAEL IS REAL festival Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster

"There is something endless in a night train…"

A simple story of one woman, a dancer, an actress, a wife and a mother, searching for belonging, love, freedom, exposure, identity, morals and independence. Her ambivalent state of mind brings her to a journey of self-discovery. Where and to whom does she belong? Where did she come from, and whence she was going? Interactions with an old woman, a military orchestra, elephants and even Marlene Dietrich lead her to the dreamy past, the real present and the endless future.

“Hirsch is a superb performer, either acting or dancing, with a powerful stage presence. She captivates her audience without their tiring.”

Ruth Eshel, Haaretz Gallery 27.02.2014

“Auf Wiedersehn’ is being watched with a sense of participation in the honest performance, not over esthetic, touching in its simplicity and balance. Viewing and staying with you for a long time.”

Katarzyna Pawlicka, Danceweek Bytom 03.07.2013

Auf Wiedersehen / A Theather Dance Piece by Tomer Zirkilevich

Choreographer & director Tomer Zirkilevich
Co-creator & dancer Michal Hirsch
Light Design Tamar Orr & Tomer Zirkilevich
Video photography Gil Sagi, Oren Mansura, DOCK 11 | SLGM
Editing Cristiana Schniebel

Special Thanks: Cristiana Schniebel, Oren Mansura, Sharon Reshef Armony, Dr. Jacek Luminski, Gil Sagi

With the support of The kibbutzim college, The school for The Arts of Dance.

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